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Remote Kitchen Is Now Part Of Chatchef

Maximize Your Restaurant's Online Revenue with Remote Kitchen

We help you bring more orders online so you can focus on cooking.

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How It Works

Remote Kitchen is a unique SaaS company empowering restaurants to boost revenue through online orders. We help restaurants establish their presence on food delivery platforms or create virtual brands within them. No service fees, just a small markup per order. Embrace the digital age and maximize online revenue with us.

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Launch a Virtual Brand on 4-5 different food delivery platforms at our own risk

Overall sales Increased

Heightened Market Soptlight

Automated Virtual Brands

Trusted by Restaurants Everywhere


Hear It from Our Customers

“Remote Kitchen provides real way to manage our restaurant. It's made our lives so much easier.”

Simone, Restaurant Owner


For each restaurant cooperating with us, we usually help them to create 13 to 16 different versions of the virtual brand on 4 to 5 different food delivery platforms including uber eats, door dash, grub hub and hungry panda etc. traditionally, when you work with one food delivery platform, they will send you one tablet which only shows the ordering status menu pricing and financial report with their platform. Now our device can allow you to simultaneously manage the menu pricing, description, final report, and handling chargebacks. You will be able to see when the courier will arrive and prepare your food on time. The reason that we don't charge you on tablets is that we have a professional digital marketing team, which can ensure we use our unique approach to get enough attraction and exposure to earn sufficient money from the price we marked up on the online food delivery platform. 


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